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LAPD expands investigation into racist City Hall recording

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The LA Times reported on the 17th that the investigation into the racist LA City Hall leak is expanding.

The LA Police Department (LAPD) reportedly obtained a search warrant that helped lead to who recorded the contents of the meeting and leaked it based on information received from Twitter and Reddit.

In addition, the LAPD Major Crime Division said it is tracking the Reddit account where the recording was posted, the identity of the Twitter account that tipped off the reporters and the Internet Protocol addresses used for it.

According to the LAPD, it is not a crime to post illegally made recordings online, but it is illegal in California to record conversations without consent. The LA Times explained, “The LAPD search warrant states that the recording, which appears to have been recorded at the office of the LA County Labor Union headquarters in Westlake in October last year, is believed to have violated the state eavesdropping law, which is a felony.”

The city council members heard on the tape filed reports claiming that they did not give consent to be recorded and that they were being recorded without their knowledge.

The audio file included racist remarks by former Los Angeles City Council President Nury Martinez, former City Councilmember Gil Cedillo, Kevin de León, and then-president of the L.A. County Federation of Labor Ron Herrera, calling black adoptees “monkeys” and saying black council seats should be handed to Latino City Council members.

As the community’s criticism and pressure to resign grew after their remarks were made public, Martinez stepped down as President and city council member, and Herrera also resigned. Former city councilmember Cedillo, who failed the re-election in June last year, left after completing his term at the end of last year. But Kevin de León, whose term ends next year, is refusing to resign.

Reporter Jang Yeon-hwa