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LA residents are seeing hikes of electricity bills by as high as 17%

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Electricity rates are going up in Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) and Southern California Edison (SCE) have decided to raise electricity rates, according to the LA Times. The hikes increase electricity bills by as high as 17%.

LADWP has raised rates by up to 1.1% of total consumption charge. LADWP Chief Financial Officer Ann Santilli said the increase is “necessary to ensure that we have the funds to maintain our transmission lines, transformers, and other power facilities so we can provide reliable service to the entire city.” However, LADWP’s rate hike is only temporary. LADWP says it is only raising rates while it maintains and repairs existing power facilities.

Southern California Edison is raising rates by up to 17% starting


SCE customers saw an increase up to 17% following the approval of the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) in 2022, with additional hike in effect on January 1. On January 1, the average monthly residential electricity bill was set to increase about 2 percent, from $174.70 to $178.34, according to SCE. It says it’s raising rates to cover the rising cost of purchased power and the cost of maintaining and repairing the grid.

Residents are encouraged to conserve electricity and there are programs available to help.

Experts say that plugging appliances and electronics into a power strip instead of plugging them directly into a wall outlet is an effective way to save electricity. Also, avoid using old appliances because they use a lot of electricity and use LED light bulbs, which are more efficient than incandescent bulbs. The CPUC recommends charging laptops, tablets, and cell phones before 3 p.m. or after 9 p.m. when electricity prices are lower.

LADWP customers can also get help saving electricity through the Energy Advisor tool on the LADWP website. The tool can help you calculate your electricity usage, analyze your bill, and learn how to get rebates.

LADWP and Southern California Edison offer different assistance programs.

LADWP requires customers to call customer service directly at 800-342-5397 to find out if they qualify for rebates and discounts, but it offers flexible payment plans, such as Level Pay and 48-month payment extensions, for customers who have difficulty paying their bills.

SCE offers discounts on electricity and other utility bills for seniors and people with disabilities. In addition, equalized monthly installment plans are available for qualified customers. Qualified family customers can take advantage of financial assistance programs such as the California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE) and Family Electric Rate Assistance (FERA). For more information about Edison’s benefits, call (800)-798-5723. Applications for the program are available by mail or online.

BY KYEONGJUN KIM, HOONSIK WOO    [kim.kyeongjun1@koreadaily.com]