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LA Mayor Bass vows to end homelessness by 2026

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Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass, right, appeared on CNN on June 18 to announce her plan to end homelessness in Los Angeles by 2026. [CNN capture]
Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass has pledged to end homelessness in her first term, or by 2026.

During an appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union” broadcast on June 19, Mayor Bass expressed her goal of eradicating street homelessness in Los Angeles by 2026.

When asked by moderator Jake Tapper about her aims for her term, Mayor Bass stated, “Well, my goal would be really to end street homelessness. There will still be people in shelters and interim housing, but at least we should not have people dying on our streets.”

One of Mayor Bass’s initial actions upon taking office was declaring a state of emergency in response to homelessness in Los Angeles. Since then, she and her team have reportedly assisted over 14,000 homeless individuals in finding housing off the streets.

Mayor Bass emphasized the city’s efforts to build housing but acknowledged the time it takes. To address immediate needs, she advocated for interim temporary housing while construction continues.

Another initiative launched by Mayor Bass is the Inside Safe program, which relocates homeless individuals from tents in the L.A. area to motels and hotel rooms.

The recently signed fiscal year 2023-24 budget, amounting to $13 billion, includes $250 million allocated for the Inside Safe program. $65.7 million has been prioritized, with the remaining $184.3 million to be awarded as funding becomes available.

Additionally, on the same day, Mayor Bass addressed Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s actions of busing migrants to Los Angeles and discussed the potential replacement of Senator Dianne Feinstein.

BY NAKI PARK    [support@koreadaily.com]