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L.A. Koreatown ranked 6th in neighborhoods with highest vandalism cases

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There have been more than 4,000 vandalism cases in Los Angeles this year.

According to Crosstown, Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD)’s data shows that there were 4,116 vandalism reports in Los Angeles in the first quarter of this year (January through March). That’s about 45 incidents per day, which is a 10.9% decrease from the same period last year.

While violent crimes such as homicides and robberies have been on the rise in L.A. so far this year, vandalism is at a record low.

The highest number in the past five years was 5,599, reached in the third quarter of 2017.

Vandalism, the act of intentionally damaging and destroying property belonging to another person or organization, is classified as a felony if the damages exceed $400.

This year, there were 2,972 felony vandalism cases and 1,144 misdemeanor cases.

By region, Downtown L.A. had the highest number of cases with 340, and Koreatown had the sixth highest number of cases with 109. Other frequent vandalism areas included Hollywood (145), Van Nuys (134), Westlake (130), and North Hollywood (118).

BY SUAH JANG [support@koreadaily.com]