[Kpop Spotlight] Kpop Idol Comebacks for the Second Half of February


In addition to the earlier article about February comebacks, here are four more exciting comebacks to look forward to in the second half of this month!


Brave Girls is to make a comeback as a seven-member girl group after three years of preparation.

After Eunyoung, Seo Ah, and Yejin left the group, Brave Entertainment recruited five new members (Minyoung, Youjung, Eunji, Yuna, and Hayoon). Yoojin and Hyeran are the two members who stayed.

The title song “Deepened (변했어)” shines light to the newly upgraded image of the group and their performance highlights the members’ lean, fit bodies.

Feb 17 – NU’EST

NU’EST is to return with a fourth mini album “Q is” on February 17th. This five member boy band announced that they will showcase an aspect of the group that they have never displayed before.

Feb 22 – BAP

After a dramatic conflict with the TS Entertainment last year, BAP is finally back with a 5th mini album CARNIVAL. BAP appeals their cute, boy-like charisma in the recent teaser for the title song “Feel So Good.”

Feb 24 – Jung Joon Young


Although he takes on a playful, funny image on reality television, Joon Young is serious when it comes to music. Be on the lookout for rock ballad from Jung Joon Young later this month. It should be good, because he has been preparing for a while now; it has been a year and eight months since his last mini album “Teenager.”

By Hajin Lily Yi