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Korea’s biggest celebrities start new year with round of donations

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Korea’s top celebrities are beginning the year 2024 with a round of donations.

Singer-songwriter IU donated 200 million won ($154,000) to four organizations — Korea Association of Senior Welfare Centers, Korea National Association of Child Welfare, Korean Unwed Mothers Families Association and Korea Association of Welfare Institutions for Persons with Disabilities — to help underprivileged households get heating for the winter, her agency EDAM Entertainment said Monday.

The singer made the donation under the name “IUUaena,” a combination of her stage name and the name of her fan club, Uaena.

“It may be difficult to be happy every day, but I hope this year is filled with far more joyful days than sad ones, and I hope everyone stays healthy,” IU said in a press release.

Actor Kim Woo-bin donated 100 million won to the Asan Medical Center to support patients from underprivileged households.

The actor previously sent Christmas presents to 200 children with cancer at the Asan Medical Center on Christmas Eve.

Rapper DinDin donated 10 million won to the Korean Red Cross to help young people set to leave group homes and prepare for life as adults, his agency Superbell Company said Monday.

“I hope to share the love I’ve received through this donation as the year 2023 ends,” the rapper said in a press release.

TV personality Kim Na-young donated 100 million won to the organization The Beautiful Foundation to help support single mothers.

The money came from the profit from her YouTube channel nofilter TV.

Singer HYNN, also known by her real name Park Hye-won, donated 1,300 coal briquettes to the Incheon Yeontan Bank, her agency New Order Entertainment said Tuesday.

Yeontan means coal briquette in Korean.

“I hope [the donation] can be some help [to the people] during the cold winter,” the singer said in an Instagram post on Saturday.

The fans also joined the round of donations. NCT Dream‘s fan club NCTzen donated 10 million won to the organization Hope Joyagdol to support child victims of abuse and help underprivileged households.

Half of the donation was given under the name Park Ji-sung, the full name of NCT Dream’s Jisung and the other half under NCT Dream.

“We decided to donate to spread the hearts of the people who gave love to the seven members of the band,” NCTzen said in a press release. “We hope that even though it is small, this will be of help to those in need.”

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BY KIM JI-YE [kim.jiye@joongang.co.kr]