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This Korean YouTuber Teaches Meaningful Lesson through Makeup Tutorial

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Min Saerom, a renowned beauty YouTuber in South Korea, shared a meaningful message about physical appearance through her recent makeup tutorial video.

On November 8, the YouTuber uploaded a video titled, “Makeup Look Guys Like.” Through narration, she explains, “We will apply a light skin makeup to make your skin look naturally glamorous, with an innocent-looking color makeup.”

However, as the video goes, viewers find that the makeup actually goes to the opposite direction of the narrations and written directions. When the narration says, “Pump a minimum amount of foundation because guys don’t like heavy makeup,” she actually pumps enough to cover her whole face.

The makeup palette, which she introduces to “comprise bright and innocent-looking colors that guys prefer,” actually is comprised of bold colors like burgundy and purple.

“Use as lightest and most transparent colors as possible to make your makeup look as if you’re not wearing anything,” says Min, as she applies a vivid burgundy eyeshadow boldly layered with dark purple color.

The YouTuber goes further to apply the cat eye eyeliner using a black gel eyeliner, opposing the told direction to draw the eyeliner downward using a brown eyeliner.

“Make a smile when applying blushers, because girls have to smile to look pretty at any occasion,” says Min satirically, applying a blusher.

Image in courtesy of Romand

Min Saerom’s makeup tutorial, which is completed with a matte burgundy lipstick, is followed by the YouTuber’s narration:

“I have a message that I want to share through the video. Even I, who is doing makeups for a living, am often told ‘Your makeup looks too much,’ or ‘Guys don’t like that kind of makeup looks.’ I wish the society move towards the atmosphere which encourages people to do whatever they like to do with their faces. If one finds the look she or he likes, wearing a makeup won’t be such a boring routine, but it will be something one does to love oneself more.”

By doing the “opposite makeup,” the beauty YouTuber ridicules the beauty standard Korean society imposes on women. Thousands of people left comments, agreeing to her message.


By Heewon Kim