Korean Rapper Releases Track about Denied Entry and Racist Slurs at US Customs


Korean underground rappers are raising their voices against racism. On May 11, Korean rapper Don Malik released a track, in which the artist talks about his personal experience at San Francisco Customs and Borders Protection.

In the track titled “Yellow,” Don Malik shares his thoughts and frustration about his recent experience in the United States, where his entry was denied regardless of the presence of legal status.

Earlier this year in March, Don Malik and another underground rapper group Most Badass Asian (MBA) were invited to South by Southwest in Austin, TX. However, their entries to the United States were denied despite the presence of official SXSW visa waivers and contracts. Furthermore, they were subjected to racism, allegedly scoffed and called chinks by CBP officers.

“As some of you may know, MBA, Don Malik and company were detained and deported, while on their way to showcase at SXSW, by San Francisco CBP after hours of racism fueled mistreatment,” writes the artists’ agency Stoneship International introducing the track. “’Campaign Against Racism’ is dedicated to raise awareness of what is currently happening in America to foreigners and foreign artists.”

“‘Campaign Against Racism’ will always go on,” the statement continued. “[We] will fight for equality, and will abide by U.S. laws to get back what we have lost as a result of this unforgivable incident.”


By Heewon Kim