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[Korean Culture 101] “Ppalli Ppalli Culture” – Korean’s Disposition to Like Fast-paced Lifestyle

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빨리빨리How long does it take, on average, for a Korean person to reply to a text message? Is that time significantly different from that of someone from American culture?

Generally, life in Korea operates at a faster pace than it does in the U.S. You probably have heard of the phrase “ppalli ppalli (빨리 빨리)” which translates to “hurry hurry.”

For example, thanks to the largely available 4G connectivity and broadband connection, public Wi-Fi and 4G LTE download speed in Korea outstandingly exceeds that of the U.S.

The average time required for the completion of construction projects also tends to be shorter. Schools, apartments, public parks, and bridges are finished at a rapid pace.

The food delivery culture is very advanced in Korea, which means you could call for a bowl of jja jang myeon and have it delivered to your door in less than 15 minutes.

The faster pace in life (exemplified in technology, construction, and delivery industry) is largely reflective of the general Korean culture for instant replies and fast progress.

This might have stemmed from the rapid economic growth the country experienced within such a short period of time. It may be because technology and services are so fast that the fast-paced lifestyle has just become the norm.

By Hajin Lily Yi