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Korean-American storeowner attacked in February robbery dies from his injuries

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WUTU store closed after robbery and assault [Credit: Travis Cummings]
A Korean-American man injured in an armed robbery of his store in February died last week.

Police have not even secured the suspect’s identity 10 months after the incident.

Local media St. Louis Today reported on the 19th that “Kim Nak-ho (63), who ran a clothing store in St. Louis, died on the 12th while undergoing hospice care for 10 months due to blunt force head trauma.”

The robbery took place at around 5 p.m. on February 9 at the “Wutu Fashion” near Bamberger Avenue, which was operated by Kim.

An official from the St. Louis Police Department said in an interview with the media at the time of the incident, “Kim was found on the floor with traumatic injuries, not gunshot wounds,” adding, “The suspect had fled the scene, and no arrests have been made.”

At that time, Kim was immediately transferred to a hospital after being found, but eventually died after 10 months of being in hospice care.

An official at the coroner’s office said, “The cause of death was serious trauma to the head due to blunt force,” adding, “This is a clear indication of homicide.”

Despite the coroner’s announcement of the cause of death, the police have not even secured a clue to the case for months. The police are also receiving reports (866-371-8477) regarding the incident.

Local media outlet KSDK reported the incident, fearing an increase in crime cases in St. Louis At the time of the incident (February 10), KSDK quoted a police department press officer as saying, “The last five theft-related reports were received near Bamberger Avenue (before Kim’s incident).”

In an interview with local resident Dmitrius Parks at the time, the media reported, “Kim was a very kind and warm person who could help others,” adding, “Neighborhood owners are praying that crimes that occur every time in the community will decrease as soon as possible.”

By Yeol Jang