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Korean-American restaurant named #1 in Yelp’s Top 100 restaurant list 2023

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Chef-owner Tim Lee / Spam Musubi

Korean-American restaurant was named #1 spot in Yelp’s Top 100 in U.S. Restaurants 2023.

According to Yelp, a restaurant review provider, Broken Mouth-Lee’s Homestyle, L.A. restaurant run by chef-owner Time Lee, ranked in first place on the list.

Yelp releases its ranking of popular restaurants in the country based on online reviews every year.

Broken Mouth’s menu was inspired by Lee’s childhood in Oahu, Hawaii. In Hawaii, “broke da mouth” describes food so good, and hinting from restaurant’s name, Lee serves Hawaiian homestyle food with fusion of Korean spirit.

Lee stated “I wanted to create a unique experience that blends my family history, my roots in Hawaii, and evolving as a chef,” says Lee, who says he’s “Korean by blood, Hawaiian at heart.”

By Gyunbum Lee