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Korean-American Mom vanishes after meeting Bronx man online

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Missing woman Lynn Kim. (Credit: Missing in Michigan Facebook page)

39-year-old Korean-American woman had been disappeared for a month, and there is a chance that this could be related to online dating crime.

According to Michigan local media PIX 11, Lynn Kim, a pediatrician with two sons, 6 and 13, and a 17-year-old daughter, left her Michigan home heading to New York on New Year’s Eve 2022, then when Kim’s friend Charlene Gilbert spoke to Kim on January 4th, it was her last time to be connected to Kim, and Kim is missing since then.

According to Kim’s friends and family, Kim had met a guy named “Joey” on the MeetMe site. Joey was reportedly from the Bronx.

According to Nicholas Anderson, ex-husband of Kim, his ex-wife moved back in with him last summer when he was fighting cancer and undergoing treatment. The two lived together with their children. Kim used to cook dinner for the kids and make sure they were fed, said Anderson, but once Kim met Joey in her life, she stopped caring.

Kim’s friends and family said the man dating with Kim was abusive when talking to Kim on the phone. When Gilbert spoke to Kim last time, the guy was in the background on the phone conversation, and continued to curse on Gilbert over the phone.

When she called Kim later that day, the man answered, saying “F— you, you’re never going to find her. We’re in California.” Soon after, Kim’s Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat accounts were inactivated.

Anderson reported Kim missing to police in Clinton Township, Michigan. A detective at the Clinton Township Police Department told PIX11 that Kim has been entered in a database as missing, and that a red flag would show up if anyone tried to use her social security number.

Kim’s case has now also caught the attention of the Missing in Michigan Facebook page, and her friends hope more posts will spur interest in Kim’s disappearance.

By The Korea Daily