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Korean American Foundations to offer students scholarships up to $10,000

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The Korean-American community is seeking talented students to apply for scholarships. These programs can provide up to $10,000 in scholarships to help pay for college tuition.

Korean-American communities across the country, including Southern California, the East Coast, and the South, are currently accepting scholarship applications from high school, college, and graduate students ahead of graduation season and enrollment in the new school year. From April to June, major scholarship foundations are recruiting more than 400 scholarship recipients, offering scholarships ranging from $500 to $40,000 per student.


Most of these foundations do not restrict applications to other foundations, so applicants can apply to multiple organizations at the same time. However, it is important to note that some scholarship foundations have geographic restrictions on applicants and that eligibility may differ for each.

The largest scholarship foundation from April to June is the Korean American Scholarship Foundation (KASF). KASF is accepting applications from eight regions, including the West, East, and South, by June 30. Each year, KASF selects 70 to 80 high school juniors and seniors and 70 to 80 college students per region.

“By supporting Korean American students in their academic endeavors, the foundation seeks to cultivate Korean identity, support academic achievement, foster a spirit of community service, and promote pride in Korean cultural heritage and traditions,” the organization explains.

In Southern California, the Kyunggi Foundation, an affiliate of the Kyunggi Girls High School Alumnae Association of Southern California, is seeking 20 undergraduate and graduate scholarship recipients by May 15 to receive $2,000 each. It is one of the largest alumni-led community scholarship foundations.

The Los Angeles Koreatown Lions Club is accepting applications through May 31 for 30 college scholarships in Southern California. The club said it will award $170,000 to 32 scholars this year. In particular, two students entering college in 2024 will receive $10,000 each year until graduation.

“The scholarships will be awarded to students who demonstrate financial need to attend college based on their family’s income and grades,” the Lions Club said.

The New York-based Cho Foundation Scholarship will select 10 college scholars by May 15 to receive $2,000 each. The organization is committed to supporting the next generation of Korean Americans who are studying under difficult circumstances.

Corporations are also lending a hand. By May 17, Bank of Hope will select 60 scholarship recipients for Fall 2024 who will enroll in a two-year college or university and receive $2,500 each. Bankcard Services will also provide $1,000 each to 20 of its customers’ children who will be entering college, and the deadline is also May 17.

In addition, the Korean Language Education Scholarship Foundation of the USA will provide $500 each to 20 students in grades 9 through 11 who are studying Korean at a Korean language school or institution by May 31.

Every April, the Korean government recruits 100 overseas Koreans who are studying at universities and graduate schools in their home countries and provides about $700 per month for living expenses, round-trip airfare to Korea, and insurance. This program has been popular among those who want to experience Korean culture by studying in Korea.

For more information or to check eligibility, contact each foundations or organizations.

BY HYOUNGJAE KIM, HOONSIK WOO [kim.ian@koreadaily.com]