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[KD Student Reporters] Political Pandas (by Derrick Ahn)

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The Breakthroughs and Caveats of AI (by Jeremiah Chun)

Jeremiah Chun / Grade 12 / West Ranch High School

50th Korean Traditional Music Institute Anniversary Event (by Dion Jung)

Dion Jung / Grade 12 / Larchmont Charter School

The Importance of Sunscreen (by Anthony Park)

Anthony Park / Grade 10 / Northwood High School

The Trial of the Pilot Schedule in La Canada (by Joanne Kim)

Joanne Kim / Grade 10 / La Canada High School

Sleep? Don’t Skip It (by Hannah Lee)

Hannah Lee / Grade 11 / South High School

Political Pandas (by Derrick Ahn)

Derrick Ahn / Grade 11 / Oxford Academy