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[KD Student Reporters] A Man’s Best Friend (by Kaylyn Wee)

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The 9/11 Memorial and Museum (by Rubie Choi)

Rubie Choi / Grade 12 / Torrance High School

Trig Identities in Chapter Five (by Ansley Kang)

Ansley Kang / Grade 11 / Lake Oswego High School

A Trip to the Museum (by Erin Ryu)

Erin Ryu / Grade 10 / Harvard-Westlake School

5 Seconds of Summer Performs at The Kia Forum (by Hannah Lee)

Hannah Lee / Grade 11 / West Ranch High School

Ways to Deal With School Stress (by Hannah Chae)

Hannah Chae / Grade 10 / Larchmont Charter School

A Man’s Best Friend (by Kaylyn Wee)

Kaylyn Wee / Grade 8 / Canyon Hills Junior High