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KACCLA elects sole candidate CPA Dongwan Chong as 48th president

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Dongwan Chong, president of DWC Accountancy Corp, has been elected as the 48th president of the Korean American Chamber of Commerce of Los Angeles (KACCLA).

KACCLA’s Election Committee announced that Chong was elected as the sole candidate in the 48th Presidential Candidate Filing, which closed on May 7 at the KACCLA office.

President-elect Dongwan Chong submits his nomination papers to the head of the election commission Edward Koo at the KACCLA office on May 7. From left, member of the election commission Grace Kang, the head of the election commission Edward Koo, president-elect Dongwan Chong, and vice president-elects Christine Ko and Daniel Park. [Courtesy of KACCLA]
Edward Koo, head of the election committee, said that as the candidate applications were closed by noon on May 7, he confirmed the election without a vote after confirming that there were no abnormalities in the campaign contributions and application documents.

In addition, Brad Lee, Daniel Yoon Jae Park, and Christine Ko were elected as the 48th vice presidents.

President-elect Chong is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Doctor of Law who spent 15 years as an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) auditor and collector and served as the 36th president of KACCLA.

“I will continue to support Korean-American business owners, provide expert counseling, and continue to develop and maintain the recently launched K-Town food map, ” Chong said.

Vice President-Elect Brad Lee, who is in his fifth year at KACCLA, is an attorney at A Prof. Law Corp. Daniel Park, a Fullerton College professor, and Christine Ko, CEO of AmGreen Solar & Electric, have served the organization for nine and five years, respectively.

The new leadership will be voted on and approved by the board of directors at its meeting on June 18.

BY NAKI PARK, HOONSIK WOO [park.naki@koreadaily.com]