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K-Pop Jump Rope Dance Is a Fun New Way to Lose Weight

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Can exercise ever be fun? While we may always have our body goals at the corners of our minds, it’s not so easy to actually get up and start working out.

But here’s a new fun way that’s going to be enjoyable to K-Pop lovers everywhere (it’s not K-Pop dance, though, because people like me whose body is not designed to dance hardly find dancing enjoyable). It’s the K-Pop Jump Rope!

Although the concept may sound unfamiliar, it’s pretty much self-explanatory: you just jump rope to K-Pop songs. There are even jump rope schools in Korea (no, really) where you can master the K-Pop Jump Rope, which is a hybrid of the jump rope and choreography.

Watch the video below and you will get the idea.

While regular jump roping can be boring and monotonous, K-Pop Jump Rope stays fun by adapting to a variety of beats, ultimately engaging you in even more movement (and burning more calories, to boot).

If you love listening to K-Pop, how about jumping to its beats?


By Heewon Kim