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Jones-Sawyer pledges to address CD 10 homelessness leveraging past official roles

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Reggie Jones-Sawyer. [Photo by Nicole Chang]

“Implementation of policies is more crucial than legislation. I will concentrate on addressing safety and homelessness in the 10th District.”

Reggie Jones-Sawyer, a candidate for LA City Council District 10, visited the Korea Daily office on September 15 and said, “Homelessness is a complex issue that isn’t resolved merely by having the funds and space. What truly matters is policy implementation. It’s a collaborative effort. I’m committed to working with the mayor, city councils, and various departments to methodically address this issue.”

Having been elected to the state Assembly in 2012, Jones-Sawyer has represented regions like South L.A., Florence-Firestone, Huntington Park, and Walnut Park. He currently helms the Public Safety Committee and held the position of Assembly Black Caucus leader during the 2015-16 session.

Due to term limits, Jones-Sawyer will conclude his time in the state legislature at the end of 2024. His illustrious career includes roles such as Assistant Deputy Mayor for the City of Los Angeles, Director of Asset Management for the City of Los Angeles, Chair of the Los Angeles County Small Business Commission, and Vice President of SEIU’s (Local 721) Los Angeles Professional Managers Association.

During his tenure at L.A. City Hall, Jones-Sawyer played an instrumental role in transforming the department into a more customer-centric entity. He facilitated swift advancements in large-scale developments, including the establishment of the Magic Johnson Theater and Staples Center Arena in Baldwin Hills.

Leveraging his experience in building development within the City, Jones-Sawyer aims to identify city-owned buildings and promptly repurpose them into homeless shelters. He emphasized, “My priority is to transition the homeless from streets to safe housing.”

“I’m attuned to the concerns of the Korean American community,” Jones-Sawyer shared. “I’m against slashing the police budget and pledge to collaborate closely with the LAPD to fortify public safety.”

If elected, he’s committed to consistent community engagement, including the integration of Korean Americans into senior roles, underscoring the importance of mutual trust-building.

On a personal note, Jones-Sawyer revealed that he’s a single father of two. “Post-divorce, my son, who initially wandered around, is now a public school mathmetics teacher, possibly the sole African American in his role. My daughter is pursuing her PhD in mathmetics,” he said with pride.

Jones-Sawyer reminisced about his visit to Korea, “I garnered insights into cultural nuances during my trip years ago. Presently, while 87% of the district I represent is Latino, I have earned their trust. I’m keen on nurturing a similar bond with the Korean American community.”

BY NICOLE CHANG    [chang.nicole@koreadaily.com]