Investe 7 Minutes Every Morning to Change Your Life


Having the right habit in the morning can change your day and maybe your whole life. Introducing seven habits that can change your life.

1. Drink a glass of water with lemon
First thing you want to do upon waking up is to let water flow in your body. Since your body lacks the flow of water after six to eight hours of sleep, drinking water is the first thing you need to do every morning. To make it better, add few slices of lemon – sourness of lemon awakens your appetite. If time allows, drink a glass of green smoothie. Kale and other green vegetables are full of fiber and minerals, and it also makes you full enough for your busy morning.

2. Brush your body and tongue
Brushing through your body with your hands smoothly will make your skin feel softer. When brushing teeth, don’t forget to brush your tongue as well. It will take bad smells out and bring appetite in.

3. Smile!
Stare at your own smile through a mirror for 30 seconds. It will make your day happier and cheerful.

4. 100 high knees
You don’t have to be stressed out about working out in the morning. Instead, try high knees for a minute. You will get enough chance to move the muscles that were immobile while you were sleeping.

5. Listen to something
It can be your favorite song, or an audio-book chapter. Whatever it is, prompt your ear and brain when they are hungry for stimulations. Feed your brain!

6. Write something. Anything.
Write any three sentences. It can be anything from work-related to personal diary.

7. Make your bed
Making your bed is one of the easiest habits to make yourself feel better. Even if you don’t get to have the best day ever, tidy bed will greet you when you get back home after a long day.

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Translated bt Heewon Kim