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iKon Hints its Comeback – Will Winner or Big Bang be the Next?

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Big Bang, Winner, and iKON ; Courtesy of YG Entertainment

The popularity of YG Entertainment musicians are increasing at a significant rate.

According to OSEN, a Korean entertainment newspaper, K-pop boy group iKon is now filming the music video for the new song. Fans of YG Entertainment musicians are eagerly waitng for iKon’s comeback.

As YG Entertainment recently released new albums of Lee HI and Akdong Musician, YG fans are expressing their hope to see other musicians’ comeback as well, such as iKon, Big Bang, and Winner.

Winner released their debut album in the summer of 2014. The title tracks, Empty, Color Ring, and Don’t Flirt, ranked top of the chart as soon as released.

Winner is currently on JTBC TV show, Bandalland, which unveils hidden aspect of Winner. Watching the show, Winner fans are expecting Winner to drop the new album soon as well.

Last year, Big Bang tried a new approach to release a new album by releasing a song every month. This series of new tracks had an enormous impact on the music industry, sweeping the chart for a long time. Because it’s been a while since the last release, fans are eager to see Big Bang’s come back.

Original document available from http://www.koreadaily.com/news/read.asp?art_id=4231732
Translated by Daeun Jeong