I.O.I Members Actively Pursuing Their Paths after ‘Produce 101’

While people are eagerly anticipating the premiere of Produce 101 Season 2, which is set for April 7 at 11 PM KST, the show’s popularity makes people curious how the trainees from its first season are pursuing their paths as K-pop artists.

Even though the selected top eleven trainees made their debuts through the show as I.O.I, the group had been destined to disband. After the disbandment, how are the eleven former members doing?

Kim Chung-ha, who is the only member to debut as solo, is currently readying her first release with an aim to debut in April. As she is a talented artist who is even capable of making choreography, fans are expecting much from her upcoming performance.

Kim Se-jeong and Kang Mi-na are active in idol activities as members of Gugudan. Especially, Kim Se-jeong is showing outstanding performances in variety shows, even joining Get It Beauty as a host.

Member of WJSN, Yu Yeon-jung, also made an appearance in a variety show. In King of Mask Singer, her musical talent has once again been verified.

Jung Chae-yeon of DIA is also actively participating in variety shows like Eat Sleep Eat and Follow Me 8. In addition, her appearance in Drinking Solo gave her an additional career possibility as an actress.

Of course, we can’t discuss I.O.I members in variety shows without mentioning Jeon So-mi. So-mi, who is currently emceeing The Show, also joined the second season of Sister’s Slam Dunk. Her recent appearance in My Little Television is worth mentioning too, while she is also keeping up with her singer career, as shown in the recent collaboration with Eric Nam.

Lim Na-young and Zhou Jieqiong are to debut as members of girl group Pristin. Just like fellow idol group Seventeen from the same agency, Prisitin will perform as a “self-produced group.”

Kim Do-yeon and Choi Yoo-jung also confirmed their debuts. Kim So-hye is active mostly in variety shows, including Star Show 360 and Game Show, while also starring in Ra.D’s music video as an actress.


Original article by Jang Jin-ri
Translated by Heewon Kim