How to spend your free time (for free)

Borjomi_Kharaguli_National_Park_-_Georgia_(5)There are hundreds and thousands ways to spend your leisure time, but it is always challenging to go frugal and still have fun. Try the following five activities listed below to spend time without spending money!

1. Recycle and Reuse – yours and others’
Go through your closet, find things that are left unused, and recycle them! You can post your items on ebay for sale, or on to offer them to your local neighbors for free! Searching for reusable items on this website is another way to spend a eco-friendly free time.

2. Free Birthday Treats!
There are number of restaurant chains where you can get free desserts or discounts on your birthday month. On, you can get more information about this.

3. Volunteer for Festivals
If you are interested in mainstream cultural events, volunteer position at various festivals is a hidden gem. Famous festivals including Sundance and New Orleans Jazz Festivals offer free admissions for volunteers.

4. Free Admissions to National Parks
268 out of 401 national parks across the states offer free admissions; rest of them do charge you, but there usually are free days offered. Planning your vacation or a visit accordingly can save your budget.

5. Free Factory Tours
If you are planning to pass by a food factory, check if they have a free factory tour. Not only can you get a glimpse behind the scene, but you may also get to have some free samples and gifts. There are various candy, beer, and other factories offering free tours.

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Translated by Heewon Kim