How Do They Look So Young?


Women all across the globe may wonder what the secret is for those who look so young despite their ages. Is it the expensive cosmetics they use, the massages they get or is it just in their genes? Surprisingly, women who practice healthy lifestyles are proven to
appear more than 10 years younger than those who have bad Soy-whey-protein-diethabits. Especially the
ones that accelerate the aging process were artificial tanning, smoking and the lack of fruit intake and moisturization.

The research teams of England, China, Spain observed the lifestyle habits and skin condition of 585 subjects at the research centers in Bedford, Madrid, Shanghai for eight years. The subject pool contained women of ages 45~75 for England, 30~70 for Spain, and 25~70 for China. The research team inquired if the subjects liked sun-tanning, if they smoke, how often they put on moisturizers, how much fruit and vegetables they consume, if they brush their teeth, and if they have all 32 teeth or not. Then, they took digital pictures to compare how old they appeared to look with their actual ages.

The research team, led by Dr. Mayes concluded that the difference of the perceived ages of women who had good lifestyles versus who did not was 10.4 years, even taking into consideration the background and the skin type of each woman. Dr. Mayes said, “we got our data through demonstrating a saving of over 10 years. It’s fair to say at first we couldn’t quite believe it.” Although the fact that genetics determines 50% of the aging process was already known, Dr. Mayes added that “how old a woman looks is 33% dependent on her lifestyle.” This is good news for some women because it’s not just about using expensive cosmetic products, but rather the influence of everyday habits that make a mother with two children seem like she’s in her twenties.


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Edited by Sooahn Ko