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Hallyu Madang Arts Festival to commemorate 120 years of Korean immigration

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Poster for Hallyu Madang Arts Festival


The ‘Hallyu Madang Arts Festival’ is set to commemorate 120 years of Korean immigration with a grand celebration.

Co-hosted and organized by the Korean American Federation of Los Angeles and the Korean American Dance Association, this event will take place at the Wilshire Ebell Theater at 6 p.m. on September 23(Saturday), bearing the theme of “Streams of Blossoms.”

A joint press conference was convened on September 12 at the Korean American Federation of Los Angeles, urging greater interest and participation from Korean Americans.

Eung-hwa Kim, president of the Korean American Dance Association, emphasized the significance of this occasion: “As we celebrate the 120th anniversary of Korean immigration to the United States, we are organizing the festival to share our history through the arts and build a positive identity for second-generation Koreans. This marks the first time, in my 43 years of dance experience, that Korean American arts organizations have come together to perform.”

The festival will feature six participating organizations: HeeYeon Ro Folk Music, Kaya Kum Studio – Ji Yun Ja, Kim Eung Hwa & Korean Dance Academy, Jean Ballet School, Lee Young Nam Korean Dance, and NK Dance Studio.

Traditional music such as Folk Music and Gayageum will be artfully blended with various forms including Korean dance, ballet, and K-pop dance to showcase the rich tapestry of Korean culture, according to the organizers.

Furthermore, an 87-member performance team will take spectators on a chronological journey through time, depicting the streets of Seoul from 120 years ago, the inception of Korean immigration, Korea’s liberation, and the April Revolution. This immersive experience will be brought to life through music, dance, narration, and compelling photographs.

The festival holds a specific objective – to instill pride in Korean artists who have struggled to find their place and to pave the way for the growth and development of the second-generation Korean Americans who will safeguard Korean art and culture in the future, as per the organizers.

Lee Young Nam, director of Lee Young Nam Korean Dance, emphasized, “If there are no young students, there will be no one to lead the Korean artistic culture in the future. We ask for a lot of attention and support so that they can keep their identity and never give up on their dreams.”

James An, President of the Korean American Federation of Los Angeles, shared his enthusiasm for the event: “When we heard that Korean artists were coming together to celebrate the 120th anniversary of immigration, we stepped in to help. Bring your family and friends and join us in celebrating 120 years of immigration.”

To encourage participation, the Korean American Association of Los Angeles is offering free tickets to the first 300 people who RSVP. Additionally, tickets will be available at the door on the day of the performance for $30.

For tickets, please call (213) 435-4466.

BY SUAH JANG    [jang.suah@koreadaily.com]