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Goods for Good Causes – Top 5 Korean Fundraising Products

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Cute fashion accessories are always welcomed, but wouldn’t it be even better if you can purchase them for good causes? In Korea, nonprofit organizations, fundraising associations, and some for-profit corporations incorporate design contents and fundraising.

We’ve made a short list of some of the best fundraising products and their causes below.


Marco Roho


Image in courtesy of Marco Roho

Society is aging at a rapid pace anywhere in the world you go. Although taking a significant chunk of the society’s population, elderly people have no place to work, losing place to stand in the society.

Marco Roho’s string rings and bracelets are handmade by seniors, which naturally give them places to work. When you purchase products from Marco Roho, you can additionally donate 5% of the price to an organization of your choice among five categories.




Image in courtesy of Marymond

Marymond is known for its fundraising goods using colorful flower patterns. As an organization supporting victims of Japanese military sex slaves during World War II, Marymond designs and sells products using floral patterns derived from their paintings.

In addition to spreading their messages to recover human dignity through design products, Marymond uses various media, such as social media contents, magazines, and collaborations with other nonprofit organizations, to share the stories.


Craft Link


Image in courtesy of Craft Link

Craft Link’s goods connect the world, using handmade bracelets as its medium. As they engage low-income Latin American native women in the production process, Craft Link naturally gives them opportunities to earn their living.

Image in courtesy of Craft Link

Another design available from here, which uses Korean traditional hand-tie designs, is handmade by single moms living in Korea.


Remember Sewol


Image in courtesy of Remember Sewol

This yellow bracelet is produced to commemorate the Sewol Ferry Sinking on April 16, 2014, which took lives of hundreds including high school students on their way to a school trip.

The organization, which thought that remembering is the best way to sympathize with the victims and to stay alarmed not to repeat such a tragedy, engraved “REMEMBER 20140416,” on yellow bracelets.


B Market


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K-pop fans may notice these colorful bracelets, as some K-pop artists were found with these bracelets on their wrists. Available in different colors with different countries written on each, the bracelets are produced to offer sustainable supports to children in need.

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In addition to the original “B Connect” bracelets, the organization produces products for various causes, staying updated to find fields that need more awareness. Some of their recent projects include “Finding Korea,” which supports Korean adoptees in foreign countries, and “Empower,” which raises awareness of women’s rights.



By Heewon Kim