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“Getting Raped is a Must if you want to Become an Artist”

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In light of #MeToo Movement, News1 released the interview with college graduates A and B on March 8. They interviewees exposed the truth about professors, lecturers, and famous musicians who exploit their power and sexually assault students who are yet to enter the music industry.

The interviewee A witnessed a professor getting “cozy” with the students by brushing up against their bodies or forcing a kiss. Of course, A was one of the assaulted students. A said “the professor told us this was a basic part of socializing to be successful.” When A declined the professor, things at school became very uncomfortable. After graduating, A quit music. A said, “in order to not run into the professor again, I had to pick another path.”

The same situation occurred in other colleges as well. B, who attends a college of Education, claims to have been sexually assaulted by one of the lecturers. The lecturer suggested a “study group” with only a few students from the class. B said, “the lecturer selected about 4 students that he liked and after the midterms, we gathered to celebrate.” According to B, the professor said “when we do cheers, the glasses clink like when you caress a woman” and “it’s a great day to have an affair.”

A also mentioned the things she heard about a famous musician, C. C had apparently said “in order to do arts, getting raped is a must. Call me if you want to get raped. In order to work together, we must physically become one to make a great result.”

A and B actively participated in the interviews, but did not want the offender’s names to be revealed. They said they were afraid what those people might do if they revealed the names. A is afraid of C, who is “way too famous to even be punished properly with my accusation.”

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Translated by Dasol Kim