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Getting paid up to $200 to play video games is a new way to earn extra bucks

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[Earning pocket money: Video game tester]

Just a few years ago, people were surprised to learn they could get paid to be a gamer. However, professional gamers aren’t the only ones who can get paid to play games. Video games are a commercial product, and when a product is released, it needs to be tested. You can become the tester and get paid to try out games before release.

There are two types of video game testers: full-time and part-time. Full-time testers are responsible for examining every aspect of a video game, ensuring it is free from bugs or defects. This is a high-paying job that involves a comprehensive evaluation of the game’s functionality.

Part-time video game testers, on the other hand, focus on how customers will react to the game upon release, similar to how movies are screened before their premiere. The testing stage is a crucial step in game production, and companies are willing to pay significant amounts for this service. If you’re lucky enough to be hired as a tester, you can earn up to $200 per day.

Being a video game tester can pay well, but it can be hard to get selected. Well Played Research is a leading game tester recruiter. [Image captured from Well Played Research website]

The most challenging aspect of being a game tester is getting selected. First, you need to visit websites that conduct game testing and check if there are any tests available. Experience with similar games can increase your chances of being chosen.

For instance, if you’ve played Candy Crush Saga or other puzzle-matching games, you’re more likely to be selected for similar game tests. To determine if you’re a good fit, you’ll need to fill out a survey on the website, providing general information such as your age, gender, favorite games, and how many hours you spend playing them.

You might also be required to complete a short online interview after the survey to verify your answers and assess your suitability as a tester. Once selected, you’ll go to a location organized by the game company to test the game. You won’t be allowed to take pictures, as you’re testing the game before its release, and security is paramount. You’ll also have to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Testing hours vary depending on the game, with some tests lasting about four hours and others more than eight, usually completed in one day.

Before playing the game, you’ll receive a short training on what you need to test. After playing, you’ll be asked to complete a survey to provide developers with feedback on player experiences, including areas of enjoyment and difficulty. Once the test is over, you’ll be compensated, often with gift cards to online shopping platforms like Amazon.

Pas video game testing opportunities by posted by Well Played Research [Image captured from Well Played Research website]

The best part about being a game tester is the generous compensation, typically at least $200 and sometimes more than $500 per day. Plus, if you love playing video games, it’s a fun activity that doesn’t feel like work, and you get to play unreleased games.

The downside is the difficulty of getting selected as a paid tester. The exact experience a game company seeks is rare, making the selection process quite rigorous. I’ve applied to test games about 15 times and have only been selected once. Despite this, it’s hard to find a more enjoyable way to earn money as a gamer.

Website: wellplayedresearch.com

BY WONHEE CHO, HOONSIK WOO [cho.wonhee@koreadaily.com]