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Fans Criticize Ariana Grande after Her First Concert in Korea

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Global pop star Ariana Grande is receiving heavy criticisms from her fans in Korea after her first-ever concert in Korea.

On August 15, the singer, who is currently having a world tour “Dangerous Woman Tour,” visited South Korea to perform a concert presented by Hyundai Card.

Right after the concert, the pop star posted a video on her Instagram account, with the captions writing, “Seoul, you were magical. Thank you for your beautiful, loving energy tonight.”

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However, reactions from most of her Korean fans are not so loving after the concert. According to their criticism, Ariana’s attitude regarding the Seoul concert was rather disrespectful.

Originally, the singer planned to enter the country on the 14th after her Japan concert on the previous day. However, it was not until 5 PM on the scheduled concert date in Korea that Ariana arrived in the country, reportedly because she refused to be captured by reporters who were waiting at the airport.

Due to her late arrival only three hours prior to the concert scheduled at 8 PM, Ariana had to cancel the rehearsal. Those who purchased VIP1 tickets, which include early entrance, access to rehearsal, and stage tour, with extra costs were not able to watch the rehearsal as originally scheduled.

When she uploaded a video of herself singing in a public bathroom, fans left angry comments asking if she is having a rehearsal in a bathroom.

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Ariana Grande entered Korea at 5 PM, performed for about one and a half hours, and left the country at around 12 AM. The fact that she entered Japan and prepared for her performance there two days before the concert enraged her Korean even more.


Original article by Yeo Hyun-ku

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