Dreaming while sleeping relieves emotional stress



Quality sleep is essential to continue your days going. Even if you spend a tiring day, enough sleep will enable you to recover physically and emotionally. According to a research conducted in UC Berkeley, quality sleep recovers certain degree of emotional distress damages. During the REM sleep, which is a phase when you dream, emission of chemical movement related to stress is slowed. This basically means that dreaming activates neurochemicals, curing the emotional distresses.

UC Berkeley research team conducted a research by showing 150 emotional-stimulating/stressing pictures to 35 people, then allowing only half of them to sleep until another showing of such pictures after 12 hours. Results of MRI screenings of two groups showed that the group slept in-between the picture screenings was not emotionally reactive when they were exposed to stressing pictures for the second time. This result reveals that stress-related neurochemical is reduced, relieving one’s stress and relaxing the emotional state.

During REM sleep, level of norepinephrine that causes stress is dramatically reduced, which enables one to safely deal with emotionally distressing experiences.

Original document available from www.koreadaily.com/news/read.asp?art_id=4094851
Translated by Heewon Kim