5 Foods that will get you out of Insomnia


1. Cherries
Cherries contain melatonin, which is a hormone that helps control sleep-wake cycles. According to a research, people who drink two or more cups of cherry juice sleep 40 more minutes than those who don’t. Cherries also weakens the symptoms of insomnia, promoting quality sleep.

2. Bananas
Vitamin B6 in bananas wakes you up by stimulating brain activity. Ironically, bananas help you sleep better too as magnesium and potassium in bananas help muscles relax.

3. Dates
Promoting heart functions and thus blood circulation, date relaxes insomnia patients who suffer from nerves. A warm cup of date tea will help the most.

4. Milk
As widely known, milk helps you sleep. Calcium in milk relaxes your mind and tryptophan too is sleep-promoting.

5. Celeries
Celeries cools down the body temperature, which is helpful against insomnia caused by stresses and headaches.

Original document available from www.koreadaily.com/news/read.asp?page=2&branch=NEWS&source=&category=lifenleisure.health&art_id=4084921
Translated by Heewon Kim