Desserts around the World


Authentic food is one of the most impressive things you get to encounter when you visit other countries. Desserts, especially, have special charms leaving sweetness on your tongue.

Gulab jamun is a dessert popular in countries of South Asia, such as India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. As its name hints, Gulab jamun is served sweetly with rose water syrup, as “gul-ab” means flower water.
Recipe for gulab jamun doesn’t require many ingredients or complicated steps. To make, make a batter by mixing 250ml of powdered milk, 100ml of cottage cheese, 4 Tbsp of flour, and 1/4 tsp of baking soda. Fry the batter and serve with rose water syrup. If you can’t find rose water syrup, you can replace it with honey. You may also add cinnamon or clove to add some spice.

Rum baba, also known as Neapolitan baba, is originated from babka, which is a tall, Polish yeast cake introduced to France in 18th century.
Rum baba is a small yeast cake saturated with rum or other hard liquor – sometimes soaked in aromatized sugar syrup, or filled with whipped cream or pastry cream.

Of course we can’t discuss the world of dessert without mentioning France.
Mille-feuille, which means “a thousand leaves,” is a French dessert layered with thin puff pastry and cream. You are free to fill the pastry layers with fruits, whipped cream, custard cream, or even with cheese, spinach and whatnot. Puffy layers of buttery pastry and fresh filling of fruits and cream is always mouthwatering.

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Translated by Heewon Kim