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California residents to receive $146 credit on average for April’s utility bills

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Californians can enjoy cheaper utility bills this month.

The Office of Governor Gavin Newsom announced that residents will receive an average credit of $146 on their April gas and electricity bills, thanks to the State’s Cap-and-Trade Program, which requires polluters to contribute to climate action efforts.

California is distributing utility bills credit for April averaging $146. [Image captured from Office of Governor Gavin Newsom]

Depending on their providers, Californians can expect varying amounts of credit. For electricity, customers may receive between $32 and $175, while for natural gas, credits will range from $58 to $86.

Specifically, Southern California Edison (SCE) customers are estimated to receive $86 each, Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) customers $55.17, and San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) customers $78.22 in electricity credits.

For natural gas, PG&E customers will see a credit of $85.46, SDG&E customers $58.98, and SoCalGas customers $73.41.

Importantly, ratepayers do not need to submit any applications to receive the credit. It will be automatically applied to their utility bills this month.

Governor Newsom emphasized the significance of California’s climate laws, stating, “Every year, California’s nation-leading climate laws deliver real climate action while giving you money back on your utility bills. This relief will support millions of California families.”

BY HOONSIK WOO   [woo.hoonsik@koreadaily.com]