This BuzzFeed Video on Struggles of Koreans in America is So Accurate (and Touching)

Today (20th), a video was uploaded on BuzzFeed Video’s YouTube account.

BuzzFeedVideo YouTube

Produced by the video productions team at BuzzFeed, the new video accurately portrays the struggles of Korean students, who try to work in America after graduating college.

The main character Devin (played by Evan Ghang Instagram) has just been fired from his job because the company can’t sponsor him for visa. They say it is not because of his skills, but only because they simply can’t meet the salary requirements.

Another character Claire (played by Claire Lee Instagram) is preparing for a job interview during her OPT (Optional Practical Training) period after college. Yet, her lawyer discourages her saying it would be hard to find a company that sponsors for visa; and even if they do, it is hard to get the H1-B visa approved nowadays. The lawyer even asks Claire if she is willing to go to grad school to earn more time. Yet, she knows her family can’t afford the tuition anymore.

The main reason why this video is so well-made is probably because it shows the true reality of Korean international students after graduation. Many of us–mainly with the existence of social media–have a desire to share only the “good part” of our lives to other people.

And in order to do that, we even tend to glamorize some of the unhappy moments. However, such acts only lower our self-esteem because we compare ourselves with those people that we think are happier and more successful than ourselves.

In that sense, the video ‘Making It As Korean in America’ can work as some kind of comfort for many of us Koreans struggling here in America, and is almost like telling us “It’s okay, you are not alone. Let’s get through this all together.”


by Audrey Joung