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Beast May Have to Change the Group Name

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Image in courtesy of OSEN
Image in courtesy of OSEN

Boy band Beast is unable to keep their group name after leaving their former record label Cube Entertainment.

The boy band announced their intentions to go independent after their contract ended with their agency on October 15. However, their official plan has yet to be made due to complications involving setting up their own agency as well as legal problems with Cube.

The biggest issue they are currently facing, as reported by the Ilgan Sports, is the trademark of their group name being held by the music label until 2026. If the boy band were to officially make their decision to go independent, the group will be unable to perform under their name or any of their previous songs without paying a copyright fee for ten years. Additionally, Cube will retain the right to extend their ownership of the trademark even after 2026.

“We made a proposal to [Beast] and are waiting for their answer,” said the agency. “There will be a problem if they use the name and songs without consulting us.”

A similar issue was previously experienced by the first generation idol group Shinhwa when they left their label SM Entertainment. The latter struggled for the rights to their name for over ten years.

By Chung Jin-hong

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