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Annual Space Out Competition to Be Held at Han River

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Winner of the first Space Out Competition in 2014 [Image in courtesy of Seoul City Facebook Page].

Now well established as the city’s annual event, Space Out Competition is to be held on April 22 in Seoul.

Seoul City announced on April 3 that Annual Space Out Competition will be held on April 22 from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. at Yeouido Han River Park. The event awards people who “space out” the best to demonstrate that doing nothing is as worthy as doing something.

Contestants compete each other simply by doing nothing for 90 minutes. Staffs make sure they empty their minds as well by checking heart rates every 15 minutes. Participants score higher if the heart rate graph shows constant or even downward shape.

Because the contest proceeds in silence, contestants can use color cards to request services related to physical conditions – a red card for a shoulder massage, a yellow card for a fanning, a blue card for water, and a black card for all other concerns.

Winner of the 2016 Space Out Competition [Image in courtesy of Seoul City Facebook Page].
Three winners are awarded based on the graph and onsite voting. In 2016, the trophy – which is made in shape of Rodin’s masterpiece, The Thinker – was awarded to well-known musician, Crush.

This year, 150 participants can take parts in the contest. Those who wish to test their ability to space out can apply through the official website by the midnight on April 4.


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