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All-Star Dance Team Comeback!

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Trader Joe’s—A Treasure Trove of Tasty Treats (by Alexis Choi)

Alexis Choi / Grade 11 / South High School

Two Different Worlds, An Hour Away (by Erin Ryu)

Erin Ryu / Grade 10 / Harvard-Westlake School

Spreading the Korean Experience (by Justin Kim)

Justin Kim / Grade 10 / St. Mark’s School of Texas

Thinking About a Vacation? Make it Korea Time! (by Joy Park)

Joy Park / Grade 9 / Rise Kohyang High School

All-Star Dance Team Comeback! (by Reanna Lee)

Reanna Lee / Grade 9 / North Hollywood High School

Philosophies of Teaching: From an Engineer (by Gianelle Kim)

Gianelle Kim / Grade 9 / California Academy of Math and Science