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All 11 victims of the Monterey Park shooting have been identified

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The identities of the 11 victims killed in the Monterey Park shooting have all been released.

The LA County Coroner’s Office announced the list of victims on the 24th, as investigative authorities are focusing their investigation on finding the motive for the incident.

The following is the list of victims.

▶My Nhan (65) ▶Lilian Li (63) ▶Xiujuan Yu (57) ▶Muoi Ung (67) ▶Hong Jian (62) ▶Yu Kao (72) ▶Chia Yau (76) ▶Valentino Alvero (68) ▶Wen Yu (64) ▶Ming Ma (72) ▶Diana Tom (70).

Among the victims, Ming Ma was a popular instructor and operator of the social dance teaching center where the incident took place, according to the officials.

In addition to the victims, nine people were injured, and it has not been confirmed whether they are still being treated at the hospital. However, as of the night of the 23rd, two injured victims who are currently hospitalized at the USC Medical Center are still being treated, and the other is known to be seriously injured.

Reporter Kim Byung Il.