YouTuber Nado Presents Ever-So-Comforting Mukbang


With the rising popularity of mukbang, online shows where the show’s host eats food while interacting with their audience, a number of YouTubers are working to stand out from the crowd by engaging in “risky” eating.

For example, some YouTubers attempt to eat a vast amount of food in a short period of time. Others have eaten dishes so spicy that they nearly send that person to the hospital. This gastronomical escalation in pursuit of internet fame has raised quite a few eyebrows.

However, some streamers are bucking this trend. Nado, a rising mukbang star, eats her meal slowly, savoring every bite. And, she doesn’t just eat on her shows, either. Nado is also a good cook to boot, often beginning her shows by demonstrating how to cook fun and easy recipes. What’s more, Nado takes the audience on a mental food journey as she imaginatively describes the experience of the food she’s eating.

It’s clear that she’s whipped up a recipe for Youtube success; in just a few months, she’s amassed more than 110K subscribers.

But YouTube is far from the end of Nado’s ambitions. Ultimately, she aspires to become a celebrity chef like her role model, Jamie Oliver, and to make a full-fledged career of sharing her passion for food. But for now, Nado is happy with introducing as many people as possible to her delicious culinary creations.


By Juna Moon

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