You Can Look Younger with These Make-up Tips



When you are in your 20s, your skin can look shiny and beautiful without makeup. However, as you reach over 50, you need to invest more into skin care and makeup, and make sure you are using the right products for your skin type.

If your skin has freckles and uneven pigmentation, which are often resulted from UV rays, you can try using these makeup tips below and look 10 years younger. Professional make-up artists provided these useful senior make-up tips.

  • Primer with glitter
    Primer is used for adjusting your skin tone before you apply foundation. There are various types and colors of primer including pink, purple, or even green. Among these, primers with glitter is the best for seniors to use. Especially gold glitter primers have functions of not only hiding wrinkles, but also putting more luster into your dry and rough skin. You can choose a product named with these kinds of description: radiance, illuminating, and glow.
  • Foundation brush
    These days, foundation brush is no special make-up tool because it is used by so many people, and even major make-up brands are selling their own foundation brushes. The biggest benefit of using a foundation brush is that it maximizes the contact between the brush and skin, so the foundation is smoothly absorbed in your skin. Also, the brush can cover areas like hair lines and chin, which are relatively hard to cover using a sponge.
  • Eyeliner
    Many women, as they get older, skip eyeliner because it takes relatively longer time. However, eyeliner is so important and need to be used in the first step of eye make-up because it makes drooped and weak eyelids look much clearer. Other than the typical liquid type eyeliner, you can try gel eyeliner that is popular because it is long-lasting and easy to use. Also, don’t forget black mascara; mascara especially brings a dramatic result in senior makeup and you need to use a black color to maximize the result.
  • Blush on a little above cheekbones
    As you get older, your ‘apple zone’ might droop, as well. So, if you put blush directly on these cheekbones, you might end up looking even older. So, make sure you put it a little above your cheekbones.
  • Highlighter
    If you use peach color shadows on under eyes or other dark areas of your face, it can bring a highlighter effect, and brighten your skin. Typically, you would put the shadows by little amount on dark circles (under eyes), between your eyes and nose, and both sides of your nose, to finish up your senior make-up.


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Translated by Audrey Joung