Watch 3 Special Teasers for K-pop Girl Group Comebacks


The first month of 2017 is blessed with K-pop girl groups, as five groups have confirmed to make their returns in January. Among the five, three groups reveal special teaser videos to give sneak peeks of their upcoming releases.


AOA’s teaser for the first studio album, “Angel’s Knock,” implies members’ transformation into detectives. The teaser is presented as if someone is taking a sneak peek of the detectives’ office.



Coming back with the third mini album “FROM. WJSN,” WJSN released a special teaser for the title, “I Wish.” In the teaser, WJSN members do the popular “Mannequin Challenge,’ suggesting the music video’s overall atmosphere.



April’s teaser for the upcoming release, “Prelude,” speaks much about the album even without a sound. Newly joining member Rachel’s elegant ballet movements speaks implies the theme of April’s newest title.


By Heewon Kim