Visit K-town and Eat Korean Fried Chicken


Even though Koreans did not invent fried chicken, they surely know how to fry chickens the right way. If you’ve ever tried Korean fried chicken, then you would probably know what we mean by that. Not only do they deep-fry chickens covered with well marinated batter, but they also glaze the fried chickens in various sauces, ranging from soy garlic to sweet and spicy gochujang. With the massive popularity of Korean drama, My Love from the Star, Chi-Mc (eating of fried chicken with beer) has now become a cult with its popularity not limited to Koreans.

In Los Angeles Koreatown, nearly 20 fried chicken restaurants are serving freshly fried chickens to their customers. With the increasing number of fried chicken eateries, each place tries to come up with a unique flavor. If you don’t know which one of the 20 places you want to pay a visit first, here’s a little guide for you. Whichever you choose among old-fashioned, spicy garlic, honey butter marinated, and whatnot, you will find that fried chicken is the best companion for a pint of ice-cold beer.


1. BBQ Chicken
BBQ has a long history as a fried chicken chain in Korea. Throughout the world, BBQ has 3,800 restaurants scattered in 57 countries. If you want to know how classic Korean style fried chickens taste like, BBQ is your place.
Location: 3450 W 6th St #102, Los Angeles, CA 90020

2. 77 Kentucky
77 Kentucky is a newly opened place where you can try Busan-style chickens. We don’t know what “Busan-style chicken” really is, but if it tastes like chickens here, Busan surely is a place worth paying a visit. 77 Kentucky also has a lunch special menu, which is served with steamed rice. It’s Chi-Bab time!
Location: 698 S Vermont Ave #101, Los Angeles, CA 90005

3. Dok Dok Chicken
Dok Dok is a place where you can satisfy your sweet-tooth even while eating a fried chicken. Honey Butter chicken, which is the most popular flavor at Dok Dok, is crispy yet tender, made flavorful with the honey and butter combination.
Location: 401 S Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90020 

4. HoHo Chicken
Hoho’s Gangjeong menu is full of variety. Ordinary fried chicken is made special with powdered cheese. If that’s not flavorful enough, you are given with even more options that include sweet chili, garlic, hot fire, and curry!
Location: 2625 W 6th st. Los Angeles, CA 90057

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Translated by Heewon Kim