Violation of FDA Laws Embattle Korean Businesses


Some Southern California-based Korean businesses, which deal directly with importing goods from South Korea, have recently come under scrutiny after violating the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) laws, which resulted in seizure of the items.

A Korean-owned business in Southern California posted on its website that certain products will not be available temporarily due to “FDA’s investigations.” When one consumer asked which items are affected by the temporary ban, the business simply answered that it will take time for the FDA to complete its investigations.

“The business got caught while trying to bypass the FDA’s screening process,” said one anonymous source. “They’re also being investigated for a separate case for doing something similar with a different item in November.”
However, the FDA also added that it cannot reveal which items are under investigations.

Those familiar with the custom procedure of importing goods advise that businesses must fully respect the FDA regulations. Ignoring such regulations may not only result in seizure of the items, but could also lead to abandonment.

“Distributing goods that aren’t yet approved by the FDA or finding a workaround to import the goods illegally could cause serious consequences,” said one customs expert. “Food products are especially treated with sensitivity by the FDA. Intentionally ignoring the regulation can really hurt the business.”

By Hyoung Jae Kim