Ultimate Wireless Has Acquired All Star


All Star Wireless has been acquired after 25 years of serving the Korean community in Southern California. All Star has been operating 10 branches in both Los Angeles and Orange County.

Ultimate Wireless, overseen by president Hyo-youl Lee, has acquired All Star and is currently in escrow to complete the takeover.

The merger and acquisition of All Star was decided by Celluphone, the official master agent of Verizon Wireless.

“We’ve been managing All Star’s branch locations since January and have already been approved by Verizon,” said Ultimate director Stanley Choi.

Ultimate has purchased Chinese-American firm JW Wireless three years and has expanded the business into an 11-branch empire since. With the acquisition of All Star, Ultimate now plans to expand its locations to 21 in Southern California.

“There are some cultural differences between the two businesses, so we’re going to keep things as is for the time being,” said Choi. “Once things settle down, we’ll decide then if we should completely merge the two brands. For the customers, there shouldn’t be a big difference in services provided as well as how the business has operated.”

Choi further explained that acquiring All Star is a critical step towards achieving its ultimate goal of operating more than 100 locations.

Moreover, Choi emphasized Ultimate’s plan to provide additional benefits to its customers. As the completion of the merger will prompt Verizon to approve Ultimate as its premium dealer, the wealth of resources could be hugely beneficial to the Korean community, Choi explained.

By Sung Cheol Jin