This New Korean Restaurant Offers Edgy Dining Experience

Budae jjigae with sweet corn side
Budae jjigae with sweet corn side

If you’re into Korean bbq, you may have already met this guy – the grill with little space on the edge for egg omelets. Although beef briskets and pork bellies are undeniably good, eggs on the edge are another treats that complete your K-bbq experience. At this newly opened restaurant in Koreatown, grill with the “edge” is utilized for more variety!

Tasty Grill is a Korean grill restaurant located on the corner of 3rd Street and Western Avenue. Tasty Grill uses grills specially designed to have three divided rooms for each food. On the center of the grill, one of various Korean dishes, including tteokbokki, dakgalbi, and budae jjigae, is cooked while two of your choices among rolled egg omelets, sweet corn, and dipping cheese are either cooked or melted in the rooms separately prepared for them.

If the combination of three dishes is not enough, you can add more proteins – beef brisket, pork belly, squid, sausage, and more – or more carbs – udon, spaghetti, ramen, sweet potato, and rice cake.

While the restaurant seems to be specialized in spicy dishes, judging by its menu covered with red, non-spicy dishes are also available, including soy sauce chicken and other side items like bossam and jokbal.

Right now they’re having a social media check-in event, offering free foam-topped “ttong beer” with check in.

Address: 301 S Western Ave, LA


By Heewon Kim