The Hole-in-One Fully Convinced Me”


An all-in-one talent is the perfect description for a man like this one. Whether it is music, sports, personality or anything else, he simply has it all. After starting golf at age 33, Steve Park entered the PGA in just five years. Born in Canada, Park grew up in New York since a young age. He has then lived in L.A. since fourth grade.

Park’s life experiences are interesting, to say the least. He showed above average talent in music during high school, playing piano and violin along the way. He was the member of his high school’s varsity tennis team. The L.A. Times once covered him as a tennis player.

Then, Park quit playing sports and majored in chemistry at UC Berkeley. He was an average working professional afterwards, but after scoring a hole-in-one as an amateur golfer at age 33, he simply decided that golf was his destiny. After committing himself to golf, he became a professional in just five years.

Park is also popular for teaching golf as well as anyone in addition to playing the game himself. The verdict is that he knows how to give a systematic lesson to young golfers. Park is currently teaching various age groups, providing them with performance enhancement training from children as young as 6 all the way up to 15.

“Golf is all mental,” said Park. “I’m using a creative teaching program that suits individuals to help them control their emotions better.”

Park has a strong personality on his own. Even though he is single, he often emcees his friends’ weddings.

A son of Seoul National University graduate Dae-young Park, Park is a second generation Korean-American, but he speaks Korean fluently as he has worked as an English teacher in Seoul as well as completing his graduate studies in Korean.



By Byung Chang