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Introducing up-and-coming Athleisure brands

Athleisure is the new buzzword of the fashion industry, which can be described as a trend in which clothing designed as activewear is worn outside of the gym to go to the office, shopping, or other social occasions. Athleisure is a new trend aiming at women who pursue comfortable and sporty outfit even outside of the gym. Wearing activewear, they also appeal healthy life styles to the public.

Following the leading brand, Lululemon, a number of brands including H&M, We are Handsome, and Theory, started to release Athleisure styles for their customers. Among them, there are high-end brands such as Chanel, Dior, Gucci, or Giorgio Armani. With their entry to Athleisure trend, boundary of Athleisure style is broadened.

The charm of the Athleisure style is in the coexistence of casualness and style. Most of them are made with spandex – its flexibility allows you comfortableness while it shapes your bodyline naturally.

While Lululemon still stays at the top of all the Athleisure brands, here are some of up-and-coming competitors to Lululemon

1. We Are Handsome
We Are Handsome is the creative expression of husband and wife pair Jeremy and Katinka Somers. Started from swimsuits with unique designs and various colors, We Are Handsome is getting popularities with its activewears such as bike shorts, leggings, and sport bras.

2. Every Second Counts
Every Second Counts activewear brand was founded by ex magazine Fashion Director Sally Dixon with her 17 years experience in the fashion industry and 20 years as an exercise and fitness enthusiast. If you are tired of boring black leggings, give their neon-colored activewears a shot.

3. Laain
Laain is a womenswear brand founded in 2013 by Tamara Rothstein and Sheila McKain-Waid with the aim to bring a high-end level of fashion sportswear. Their collection varies from cropped top, vest, leggings to knitwear.

4. Live the Process
Inspired by the site’s innovative approach to wellness, Live The Process offers a luxury activewear brand presenting a modern interpretation of classic activewear essentials. Not only gym wears but you can also find ballet wears from Live The Process.

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Translated by Heewon Kim