Should You Eat After Working Out Or Not?


If you want to burn calories more effectively while working out, you need to make an effort to eat less food.

However, when you do high-intensity workouts that can burn over 500 calories, eating less is not always the answer. Then, how should you manage your calorie intake when you work out?

There are not many people who do highly intense workouts that burn 500 calories at a time. Because, for example, if a person who weighs 70kg wants to burn more than 500 calories, he or she has to jog more than an hour.

When you do weight training for an hour, on average 440 calories are burnt, so we estimate how difficult it is to burn 500 calories.

Parts of our body including liver or muscles are capable of saving a minimum of 1000 calories as energy sources. So for those people who do low-intensity workouts do not really need extra calories from food.

If people who exercise only little amount eat food after workout to supplement energy, there can be a backfire and they can get even more weight.

Because maintaining diet is so hard to control, many people have a hard time losing weight even if they started exercising.

Many people naturally feel the need of some sort of compensation (with food) after some movements and exercises.


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Translated by Audrey Joung