Share “Love Jackets”


The holiday season at the end of the year is often a time when our thoughts are with the underprivileged and isolated neighbors.

Happy Village, the Korea Daily’s nonprofit organization, hopes to deliver a sense of sharing, love and hope to the homeless this winter by donating jackets to them through our “love jacket giveaway” to celebrate the upcoming holidays.

Since 2003, the love jacket giveaway has been a voluntary event organized with funding from the general public as well as various participating businesses. Anyone is free to participate, as just $12 is enough to provide a jacket to one person.

The love jacket giveaway is a nationwide voluntary project, which will begin on Dec. 17. A total of 20 volunteer organizations and Korean-American support groups for the homeless will participate in this year’s event. We would appreciate your participation.

▶ Deadline to apply: Dec. 16, 2016 (Friday)

▶ Donation: $120 (10 jackets), $240 (20), $1,200 (100), $2,400 (200)

▶ How to apply: Checks payable to “Happy Village”
Address: 690 Wilshire Place LA, CA 90005
▶ Inquiry: 213-368-2630 or 2607
Payments can be made via phone