Seminars for Marijuana Business

Some Koreans searching for plantation sites


As recreational use of marijuana is now legalized in California, more Korean-American businesspeople in Southern California are aiming to expand their venture.

Some have even started searching for sites to use as a marijuana plantation, while others are looking to purchase the necessary equipment to prepare for their new business. In additional, public seminars are being prepared to introduce the manufacturing methods of refined marijuana extractions.

Real estate experts in California say that Palm Springs is rising as the in-demand area to build marijuana plantations.

Eight states across the country have already legalized the recreational use of marijuana, including California. Approximately 20 percent of the American population currently reside in states where marijuana is legal.

Consulting firms are also surfacing rather rapidly since California legalized the recreational use of marijuana.

“Many businesspeople are seemingly thinking that marijuana sales could be a bonanza,” said one expert. “But this business requires carefully attained understanding of the strict regulations.”

Business consultants also add that the probability of a newly-launching marijuana business failing is higher than startup tech firms. It is believed that around 97 percent of newly-launching tech firms fail within a few years.

By Byong IL Kim