Roy Choi Enters Coffee Business


Roy Choi, the famous chef known for founding the Kogi taco truck, has launched a coffee brand Yes Plz to explore more opportunities in the culinary business.

Daniel Patterson and Choi, Yes Plz’s co-owners, will partner with Tonx Coffee founder Tony Konecny for their new venture. Tonx Coffee was purchased by Blue Bottle.

Patterson and Choi have been supplying coffee through Yes Plz since last year after opening the local fast food chain Locol. With the new partnership, Yes Plz will elevate itself to an independent brand. It hopes to compete with the likes of Intelligentsia and Stumptown in the coffee industry.

Konecny told the New York Times that Yes Plz plans to sell coffee at its own location. He added that coffee will be on sale at affordable prices—$1 or $1.50 depending on the size. That does not mean that Yes Plz will compromise the quality of its coffee.

Konecny explained that the mission is to offer coffee that does not lag behind Intelligentsia and Stumptown at an affordable price. Yes Plz also plans to sell a bag of its coffee beans (12oz) for $8 or $9.

By Jiyoung Kim